Tag: A Brief History of Everything

  • Surreal Life Begins Again

    The terminology one must learn to successfully navigate flat hunting pitfalls is daunting. Is it fully furnished and fully fitted or are those the same thing? The underwear on the floor – are they included? Would be the price be negotiable either way?

  • The Caveman is Among Us

      Defending the Caveman, the one man show starring well loved Australian comedian Mark Little, is a witty exploration of gender roles and social opinion.  Upon entering the theatre you are welcomed into Mark’s slightly cave-ish living room, complete with cave paintings and Flintstones style furniture.  Mark’s spear is ready at hand–beside the remote. As […]

  • Leaving Nashvegas

    The collection of mail on our doorstep is a testament to the great length of time we were afforded with family and friends. We didn’t come close to seeing everyone on the list, but we wore ourselves out trying.  Since our last post we saw two more beautiful (and growing) children and their parents and […]