Love and Chocolate

The journey from the states to London can be quite grueling, even if you don’t feel it getting off the plane. It’s that bit about peeling yourself out of bed the next day when your body is sure that it is between 2 and 4 in the morning after having been improperly fed and awake for approximately 30 or more hours. When Jane and Quinn awoke last Saturday morning(ish) we all shuffled to Borough Market, home of the Cinnamon Tree Bakery brownie of wonder. Some of you have heard about these brownies before. There is no doubt you will hear of them again. Let it be known that these should not be missed on your next trip.

borough market

(Let it be said that one order of Fish ‘n’ Chips from Borough Market is big enough for two!) Of course, we had a frosty beverage at The Market Porter Pub before we wandered to the East Village to let Jane and Quinn have a little look at the restaurant we recommended for their anniversary dinner.

Although there are no photos, we have been assured that Village East is what we promised.  (Thanks, again, to Emily and Kerry for introducing me to a little bit of East Nashville in London!)

While Jane and Quinn were celebrating their anniversary, Drew and I had burritos and made chocolate cupcakes in our candle lit kitchen.
candle lit kitchen

We were happy to  join them for a frosty round at The Shakespeare post anniversary date.

shakespeare drinks

I think we were all tired, but it was so nice to be with friends.

Dark Chocolate Madness

I wanted very badly to get Drew a really nice cake for his birthday.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t like surprises and he seemed to lack any preference for exactly how the big 3-0 should be celebrated.  I understand.  We did have grand plans in our heads, when we thought we’d be on our home turf.  Instead we dragged our friends Kerry and Emily to the Ideal Home Show last weekend (though I think they might have liked it as much as we did), wandered through Camden in hopes of finding a special edition comic book, and then journeyed to Angel for a burrito.  Overall, good wholesome activities were undertaken, Dad.  I am sure you (and Jim Sasser) appreciate that.

This weekend though, with the long holiday and all, it seemed appropriate to get a cake and light the candles.  When Drew told Emily that he secretly wished that I might surprise him with a cake this weekend, I pulled out the bakery phone number I had been holding.  They make this dense, flourless dark chocolate cake with a thick ganache type dark chocolate icing.

I know it’s amazing.  I know you can’t eat too many bites in one sitting.  I know you can get a wicked chocolate/sugar buzz from the icing.  I know that I wish I could send one to my sister for her birthday.  What I don’t know is how they make a cake without flour; and frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to ask.  That sounds like some kind of cake voodoo.

What’s extra funny about this whole cake experience is that Drew wanted to go to Borough Market for these great brownies made by The Cinnamon Tree Bakery.  They are wheat and gluten free, dense like fudge, but cake-y enough to still meet the definition of a brownie.  He ordered a few Brownies for take away so that we could stash them in the fridge his weekend enjoyment, but he didn’t know I was about to pop into Konditor & Cook for this little monster…


Basically, we have chocolate overload at our flat this weekend.  Happy 30th Drew!

We Can and We Did

Friday the 13th was rumored to be a day of Zombie flash mobs at London Bridge Station and Trafalgar Square, but I have been informed that far more Police personnel and cameramen showed up than Zombies.  I didn’t dress as a Zombie or rearrange my plans for the day to try and catch a glimpse of this orchestrated traffic-stopper, so I am relieved to know I didn’t really miss anything.

I did have lunch at the Borough Market with my lovely friends and attend the Slumdog Millionaire showing at the Barbican Cinema.  I can say with confidence that impressive performances were given by far more than two actors in this film.  I hate to give anything away in case you haven’t yet decided whether or not to see it.  I also hesitate to recommend that you see it.  It’s well made, it’s a story you won’t soon forget, it reminds you to be grateful…  But it is called Slumdog Millionaire.
At your own risk, get your ticket and your Maltesers and your Three Musketeers.

(Oh yeah, Happy We Changed Banks day!)

Please note: I have been informed, by international an theatre goer, that Maltesers are best eaten ice cold.