The Perfect Pancake

We were in search of the perfect pancakes so we decided to inspect The Diner in Angel, Islington.
The Diner

I like the atmosphere. It’s busy, but not crowded. The staff are friendly but cool…
diner inside

The filter coffee is just what my doctor ordered. If you come early, and stay long enough, you can start with breakfast, end with lunch, and have dinner for dessert. They’ve got locally brewed beer on draught (I recommend the Camden Town Hells).

Unfortunately, we should have ordered something other than the pancakes.
pancakes at the diner
They just aren’t right. I wish they would let me come in and fix them. In no time there would be a line down the street to get in every weekend.

Next time I think I’ll have vegetarian huevos rancheros or a veggie burrito, but I haven’t given up on The Diner completely.

Yes Please

A few blocks North of the Camden Passage tourist’s check-box hot spot eatery, Angel has hidden a fab new pub in plain sight.
wenlock and essex pub

The Wenlock and Essex serves a selection of Camden Town’s finest brews, but they don’t stop there. One of your top five favorite frosty beverages is sure to be on offer.
drinks at wenlock and essex

And we would be remiss not to mention the Sunday Roast menu…
winter veg pie

Are you busy next weekend?

We have an idea…

Once Upon a Burrito

Two dudes in London like Mexican food a whole lot. We are going to call them Eric and Dan. As far as I am aware, that is what they also call themselves. There’s so much less confusion in the world already. Where was I?

Oh yes.

Eric+Dan+severe appreciation for Mexican food=Chilango. (To my all digital geek peeps, please visit this website.)


This is our local Angel, Islington branch. It’s right on Upper Street – around the corner from the Vue Cinema.

chilango 2

The food is great, but the brand is something amazing all to itself.

chilango 3

Now, I could argue that Mexican style food that is made by non-Mexicans outside of Mexico can hardly be called Mexican, but I have no idea what else it would be called. So I concede my point. Besides, the guacamole was much to my satisfaction.

The mission was pre-cinema food that wouldn’t take all night, wouldn’t cost more than the cinema tickets, and might pass for healthy. Mission accomplished. (P.S. You’re going to need to start using the term ‘cinema’. All the cool people say ‘cinema’.)

We’ll be back.

Cue Superhero Music

Superman can have his Fortress of Solitude; I’ll be drinking a vegan milkshake at Shake Away gathering the strength to save the world.

Just don’t tell anyone this is my phone booth. But do go in and order a milk shake before your movie.
Shake Away

The wings give it away right?
Shake Away with Wings

Anywhats-it, whether you get the vegan deal or not, order extra ice cream. Trust me on this one. They have a wall of toppings for your super pleasure.

Offer to take a photo of a tourist. Transform.
Jen Superhero

Now that my secret is out, should I get a PO Box for the fan mail?

The Canals

My friends have been telling me about nice walks along “the canal”, but I nodded my head and smiled with no concept of this activity. Recently, Drew and I actually walked along a short stretch of canal in the Islington area. It’s really such a strange new thing to me…

canal blue boat

canal 2

canal 3

The canals were built in the 18th century to transport goods (and then people) more cheaply and faster than by land. Now you can find walkers, bikers, and people lounging on the edge of the canals. Canal boats are still in use, though for different purposes these days!

Some of the coolest looking buildings in Islington can be found on a canal walk. It would be pretty cool to live in one of the reclaimed warehouse flats with a balcony overlooking the water. I wonder what Midnight would think of that…

He’s Right Behind You!

This weekend Drew and I enjoyed ourselves at the Barbican Centre for two very different shows.  On Saturday we had a lovely lunch at the Waterside Cafe before enjoying a special showing of The Day the Earth Stood Still in a very nice cinema.  After the show we had dinner at Tortilla in Islington and spent some time at Borders.

Today we had another horrible rendition of biscuits (Jackie told me not to make biscuits without Martha White flour and I had no idea what he meant until now) before we got ready to head back to the Barbican.  

Drew treated me to theatre tickets.  We saw  a very special show – the Catherine Wheels Theatre Company production of Hansel and Gretel.  What makes the show so special is that you travel with the characters through the set and you stay very close to the action.  I say that’s what makes it special as if the characters are not magical and wonderful, but oh, they are!  Because the play is meant to be enjoyed by children and adults alike, there is something for everyone, but the chance for children to move between scenes is beneficial in several ways.  Firstly, they experience the set.  It was really cool and spooky (and festive) in all the right ways.  Secondly, they have the opportunity to break their little attention spans to move from place to place.  Thirdly, they get to touch things and feel a part of the action.

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed this performance of a classic piece of children’s literature.  Not only does it appeal to the part of me that studied nursery rhymes and storytelling.  It also speaks to that part of me that majored in theatre for two semesters and minored in dance to the end.  I really appreciated the care that was taken in designing clever sets and staging that placed the audience, well, on stage.  It’s brilliant.

Tonight we have labored over the tentative itinerary for our holiday.  We have booked a rental car and started our packing lists.  I have something to read on the plane and much laundry has been done.  We can’t wait to see you.