The Perfect Pancake

We were in search of the perfect pancakes so we decided to inspect The Diner in Angel, Islington.
The Diner

I like the atmosphere. It’s busy, but not crowded. The staff are friendly but cool…
diner inside

The filter coffee is just what my doctor ordered. If you come early, and stay long enough, you can start with breakfast, end with lunch, and have dinner for dessert. They’ve got locally brewed beer on draught (I recommend the Camden Town Hells).

Unfortunately, we should have ordered something other than the pancakes.
pancakes at the diner
They just aren’t right. I wish they would let me come in and fix them. In no time there would be a line down the street to get in every weekend.

Next time I think I’ll have vegetarian huevos rancheros or a veggie burrito, but I haven’t given up on The Diner completely.

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