Once Upon a Burrito

Two dudes in London like Mexican food a whole lot. We are going to call them Eric and Dan. As far as I am aware, that is what they also call themselves. There’s so much less confusion in the world already. Where was I?

Oh yes.

Eric+Dan+severe appreciation for Mexican food=Chilango. (To my all digital geek peeps, please visit this website.)


This is our local Angel, Islington branch. It’s right on Upper Street – around the corner from the Vue Cinema.

chilango 2

The food is great, but the brand is something amazing all to itself.

chilango 3

Now, I could argue that Mexican style food that is made by non-Mexicans outside of Mexico can hardly be called Mexican, but I have no idea what else it would be called. So I concede my point. Besides, the guacamole was much to my satisfaction.

The mission was pre-cinema food that wouldn’t take all night, wouldn’t cost more than the cinema tickets, and might pass for healthy. Mission accomplished. (P.S. You’re going to need to start using the term ‘cinema’. All the cool people say ‘cinema’.)

We’ll be back.