Drew brought me presents from Helsinki, Finland! Yes, it does seem a little childish to be excited about coloring books, but I can’t think of a better thing to do than color after a Sunday lunch at the pub. (I was never one to be wild.)

muumiem coloring book

And don’t they go nicely with these lovelies from Jane?
crayola crayons

Apparently Drew took a walk on the frozen Baltic sea…
frozen baltic sea

It really is breathtaking.
snowy frozen baltic sea

And he is a way better photographer than me to start with!

Nice to Meet You, Harrogate!

I arrived to Harrogate late on Wednesday night because I had a meeting out of the office that morning. When I got to the The Balmoral hotel I decided that I needed to stay in Harrogate for a long time.
The Balmoral

The Balmoral Harrogate Grille

The Balmoral Superior Room

It took a lot of effort to leave this room for dinner (and even more effort to climb out of bed for breakfast the next morning). But because I did venture out with my colleagues, I got to enjoy some of Harrogate’s charm. Chinese restaurant in a bath house?! Why not?
Chinese restaurant in a bath house

A pint of local ale at Hales Bar, the oldest pub in Harrogate? Yes, indeed.
Hales Bar Harrogate

A short pause at Bettys Tea Room… Maybe next time.
bettys tea room harrogate

We had a lovely dinner at Le Jardin. The food and the staff were absolutely lovely. It couldn’t have been better.

I also found Harrogate’s sense of humor.
wine rack

Unfortunately, there was no time for the spa. Don’t worry Harrogate, I’m coming back for you.

Times Like These

I am so glad to be home, even after a wonderful experience in Cardiff.

travel bags

It was especially nice to come home for a big date with my hero (that would be Drew). From Dave Grohl to me, to you:

‘It’s times like these you learn to live again
It’s times like these you give and give again
It’s times like these you learn to love again
It’s times like these time and time again’

I am thankful, I am grateful, and I am full. More on that story tomorrow.

Dinner in Wales

I haven’t yet been to Torchwood headquarters, but I did find the Carousel in Cardiff.
Carousel in Cardiff

It has been grey, with the constant threat of rain, but the green of the hills is such a welcome sight. I really look forward to coming back to Cardiff on my own time. And have dinner with The Dales–I know they are here somewhere… (I am so tired that I am making up a song in my head about dinner with The Dales somewhere else in Wales.) Now that you are singing a song, too, “goodnight John Boy”.

Dr Who, Where Are You?

Taylor is going to be disappointed to hear that I’ll be in Cardiff all week for business–and that my business is not co-starring in an episode of Dr Who. I’ve only stood outside the Tardis, I’m afraid.

dr who polica call box

I’ll do what I can to get noticed while I am there. You never know when The Doctor might need my help–or when Captain Jack might know a smart girl when he sees her… After all, I am pretty important these days–being a Clinical Research Scientist and all.

So, um… Leave your message at the beep.


Man, Are My Arms Tired…

Singapore Airlines, business class? Yes.
singapore airlines seat

“Ms. Huddleston, would you like Champagne or orange juice before take-off?” Yes. Yes I would.
tv and cocktail

“Ms. Huddleston, would you like some swag to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable?” Yes. I would. (Are you sensing a pattern?)
singapore airlines swag

feet up

I will put my feet up until dinner time, thank you.
vegan starter singapore airline

singapore airlines vegan dinner

“Ms. Huddleston, would you like help converting your…” I am going to stop you right there. Yes.
singapore airlines bed one

singapore airlines bed two

Singapore is, in my estimation, not entirely unlike a tropical suburb of New York City. Food stalls, open air markets, late shop hours, high rises, international travellers, posh looking locals… Check. The theatre district isn’t comparable, though there are museums, historic bits, seaside, riverside, tours, and the like. On second thought, if New York City London (?) and some efficient tropical Swiss or German metropolis met on a hot summer night for drinks and one thing lead to another… Perhaps Singapore is the long lost love child of such a pairing. I thank you to remember that most of the world is still very new to me.
green city

Without a doubt I enjoyed a Singapore Sling at Raffles hotel, suggestion courtesy of my tour guide Sian, who poses as my colleague for quite a few hours each week. (What can I say? I’ve got people.)
singapore sling

Sian also serves as a reliable source for advice on such things as Cantonese vs Japanese cuisine and UK vs Sinagpore sun. There is a big difference, you know.

Meetings are better poolside.

English is the national language. Signage is not on shortage. The city is spotless. I am at ease. Even in my bikini (well, that’s what I’m telling you, anyway). Yes, I brought sunscreen.

For more photos, visit the Huddleston flickr album.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am not leaving anymore. I’ve been back a while now.

But I was in Esbjerg, Denmark recently.  I have the proof in my passport.

I traveled with my colleague Sian. She’s the one who taught me about the waffles. The ones that you warm on top of your tea… Does anyone have any snacks?

And I have photos of Esbjergmin case you don’t believe me. But you do because I am pretty honest as a habit.


My hotel room seemed alright to me.  It had a bedroom, office, and living room.

There was also a lounge.


If only you could see my green tights in the bathroom mirror…  “I can hear you, love!”


I flooded the bathroom floor taking a shower without a curtain or divider of any kind.  If you know, would you tell me how this works?!

I have been assured, though, that it wasn’t suite as business friendly as most… I’ll let you know when I have something to compare it to.

And what is this?

slut spurt

And what is this?


On our last night we had a nice dinner to make up for the fact that we skipped lunch.
Mastro Landro

Maybe those are curly fries in the background – and maybe they are carrot sticks. I really can’t say. What happens in Esbjerg…
pasta salad

It was such a small place that when we left, we received handwritten boarding passes.
boarding pass

And then we had to put on these suits.

And board a helicopter.

Ok. Maybe that last part stretches the truth a bit. But there were people in suits getting on helicopters headed, we think, to the oil rigs just off shore. I wonder if they got KitKats on their flights.