Dr Who, Where Are You?

Taylor is going to be disappointed to hear that I’ll be in Cardiff all week for business–and that my business is not co-starring in an episode of Dr Who. I’ve only stood outside the Tardis, I’m afraid.

dr who polica call box

I’ll do what I can to get noticed while I am there. You never know when The Doctor might need my help–or when Captain Jack might know a smart girl when he sees her… After all, I am pretty important these days–being a Clinical Research Scientist and all.

So, um… Leave your message at the beep.



3 thoughts on “Dr Who, Where Are You?”

  1. Quinn and I have become huge fans – and are hopelessly awaiting a comeback… Alas, we know it’s over, but we can dream! Next visit, the Tardis is on our list of sites to see with you both! If you see the Doctor or Captain Jack, please tell them hi for us…

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