Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am not leaving anymore. I’ve been back a while now.

But I was in Esbjerg, Denmark recently.  I have the proof in my passport.

I traveled with my colleague Sian. She’s the one who taught me about the waffles. The ones that you warm on top of your tea… Does anyone have any snacks?

And I have photos of Esbjergmin case you don’t believe me. But you do because I am pretty honest as a habit.


My hotel room seemed alright to me.  It had a bedroom, office, and living room.

There was also a lounge.


If only you could see my green tights in the bathroom mirror…  “I can hear you, love!”


I flooded the bathroom floor taking a shower without a curtain or divider of any kind.  If you know, would you tell me how this works?!

I have been assured, though, that it wasn’t suite as business friendly as most… I’ll let you know when I have something to compare it to.

And what is this?

slut spurt

And what is this?


On our last night we had a nice dinner to make up for the fact that we skipped lunch.
Mastro Landro

Maybe those are curly fries in the background – and maybe they are carrot sticks. I really can’t say. What happens in Esbjerg…
pasta salad

It was such a small place that when we left, we received handwritten boarding passes.
boarding pass

And then we had to put on these suits.

And board a helicopter.

Ok. Maybe that last part stretches the truth a bit. But there were people in suits getting on helicopters headed, we think, to the oil rigs just off shore. I wonder if they got KitKats on their flights.

2 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane”

  1. I totally feel you on the lack of shower curtain thing. I just thought everyone in the Czech Republic had a taste for danger and slippery floors.

    Lovin’ the fine print on the slut spurt, which sounds like something one would find in the dirty back room of Smyrna Video.

    Also, lovin’ you guys. muah.

  2. I fell for the helicopter – hook, line, and sinker – I was like “wow! how cool…oh, I’m a dork.”

    But you must tell me – what happened when you pushed the Fart button?

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