Bubble and Squeak

A side dish made from the leftovers of a proper roast dinner. Main ingredients inclue mash and cabbage, but other items such as corn, peas, brussels sprouts (even meat) can be found in bubble and squeak.

Boot Sale

A “market” where private individuals sell their unwanted household jumble from the boot of their cars in a shared space or hired location. (Do you like how we are building on words we have previously learned?!)


  1. Any blend of a number of spices, especially those used in Asian/Indian cuisines. (I used to think curry was a spice. Now, it gets on my nerves that people say they don’t like curry. If they say that, it is obvious they don’t know what curry is.)
  2. A meal that is flavored with curry or whose main dish is flavored with curry. (I think I will order a curry at the pub.)

Philately, Philatelist

  • Philately: The study and collection of stamps
  • Philatelist: Someone who collects stamps

Correct use of these words in a conversation:  Hey, have you seen Dr. Philately?  I heard he had a Philatelist on the show the other day; apparently they are working through his addiction to that stuff on the back of lickable stamps.  Quite tragic, actually.