A “conversion” is what an estate agent would explain is a flat within a large mansion house, which has been converted into separate smaller properties (or flats). If it is another type of conversion, they will add a modifier like “warehouse”, “schoolhouse”, “houseboat” – you get the point.

Yorkshire Pudding

A dish that originated in Yorkshire, which is a bread-texture pastry used most commonly as a means to hold roast (or roasted veg) with gravy. Mini yorkshire puddings are made in a pan like you might imagine making muffin tops in and baked similar to the way you might bake cornbread – pan oiled and hot before baking.


Call or ring (via telephone); can be used as a noun or a verb. i.e. “I’ll bell you when I’m almost there.” or “Give us a bell when you’re ready for us to pick you up.” It’s versatile like that. And it’s very local.

Spend a Penny

To utilise the facilities. (i.e. go to the bathroom) It used to cost one penny to use the public convenience, so people got in the habit of saying things like, “We can go in a second, but I must spend a penny first”.

Speak soon

It’s a phrase used like ‘we’ll talk later’, or to signify the closing of a conversation at the same time suggesting that there will be more to come at an undisclosed time in the near future.


In addition to the common meaning, it is also used to mean ‘starting at’. (i.e. Dinner is served at this restaurant from 6pm.)