gypsy’s warning

A quiet word to an employee or aquaintance, suggesting that they’d best proceed with caution in respect of their current conduct or attitude, or they may be in for an unpleasant surprise. The details of which aren’t actually set out by the giver of the warning, who may or may not have control over their fate.
The guy was certainly out of line, there probably wasn’t sufficient grounds for disciplinary action, but he certainly got the gypsy’s warning.


1 noun. Gas. (Hard boiled eggs give me wind. Really, everything gives me wind; trapped wind is really uncomfortable. There’s more room out than in!)

2 verb. To burp [a baby]. (After each feed you should wind your baby.)

Working Outs

Noun. These are the details of your work before the answer is deduced. On the math test, don’t just write the answer, please show your working outs. In other words, ‘working outs’ can used interchangeably with the word ‘life’.

Bunking Off

To ‘bunk off’ is to skip an obligation, especially school or work. e.g. Let’s bunk off today–we can just not come back to work after lunch! -OR- We are bunking off, let’s not get caught by our boss in the Tesco by the office!

Nosy Parker

Someone who is nosy. (Some say this phrase originated when an Archbishop of Canterbury named Parker (1559-1575) ordered some unpopular inquiries…)


A dessert with pieces of crunchy meringue, cream, and berries. Eton Mess is a type of mess made with strawberries. (It ain’t the ‘mess’ of the South.)

Dutch courage

This is the kind of courage someone gets after a frosty beverage. And by ‘frosty beverage’ I definitely mean alcohol. Dutch courage is commonly drawn upon on first dates and before singing Karaoke.

Cottoned On

Caught on, got the meaning. i.e. I hadn’t cottoned on to the fact that everyone was laughing because I had toilet paper on my shoe.

Get In

An exclamation of energetic pleasure or the like. For example “I got a raise at work, Get In!” Origins are with football. When a ball is kicked at a goal and it just barely makes it in the net, one would also yell “Get in!”