Gifts have arrived from a threesome in Tennessee.

From where I sit it looks kind of like this: Two people crashed into each other. Two people held hands for a while, a little confused about the whole thing. Love happened. Love made two into three. Love is overflowing.

Love is melting their brains until they send indescribably cute pjs from across the ocean.
baby pj front

Now I am melting from cuteness overload. Yes, the cute animals are on the tooshy and there is room for the nappy on the sweet tooshy.
baby pj back

And I am having a contraction over the shoes.
baby shoes from cherry shop

Which is why it’s good that there is a baby carrier here in case Peanut decides that this is the moment for trying on the shoes.
ergo baby carrier

And an excellent reason to have a Moses Basket stand for the Moses Basket that the baby will dream in.
moses basket stand

‘I don’t know where it all begins / And I don’t know where it all will end / We’re better off for all that we let in’ (Emily Saliers, Amy Ray)

Thank you Joanna and Mark and Baby Girl Montgomery. (correct me if that name is wrong, hahaha!) Peanut is a lucky, loved, and stylish baby.


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