New Digs for New Days

Life is real busy ’round here. Twenty-ten keeps bringing new things. I am worn slap out!

Drew and Jen woke me up at the crack of dawn on Sunday; the new place (where I have my own bedroom) is nice, but I was not excited about moving at that unheard of hour. Our friend Ade helped us – and by “helped us” I mean that he masterminded the work, wouldn’t let me lift a thing, drove our well loved stuff from one place to the other, and kept us entertained with stories about his kids. He is so cute. And spoken for. But I do think he was flirting with me; he called me doll.

As a celebration, and because we don’t need an excuse to enjoy lunch with good-looking people, we had lunch with Ade and Mel at The Red Lion when the move was complete. The nut roast will make you fall right out of your chair and the strawberry mess might be made of heaven. I ain’t kiddin’. BTW, it turns out that Mel is pretty dang stunning, so Ade may not be asking me out. More power to them, really. Besides, I think I have got a thing for this guy that Sarah introduced me to.

Gina and Alexsander

I think Aleksandr is more my type. Just look at him. He is so well spoken and very polite. He has a hot tub. But I don’t spill all the details of my dates. For that, you might want to rely on Nicole.

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