New Digs for New Days

Life is real busy ’round here. Twenty-ten keeps bringing new things. I am worn slap out!

Drew and Jen woke me up at the crack of dawn on Sunday; the new place (where I have my own bedroom) is nice, but I was not excited about moving at that unheard of hour. Our friend Ade helped us – and by “helped us” I mean that he masterminded the work, wouldn’t let me lift a thing, drove our well loved stuff from one place to the other, and kept us entertained with stories about his kids. He is so cute. And spoken for. But I do think he was flirting with me; he called me doll.

As a celebration, and because we don’t need an excuse to enjoy lunch with good-looking people, we had lunch with Ade and Mel at The Red Lion when the move was complete. The nut roast will make you fall right out of your chair and the strawberry mess might be made of heaven. I ain’t kiddin’. BTW, it turns out that Mel is pretty dang stunning, so Ade may not be asking me out. More power to them, really. Besides, I think I have got a thing for this guy that Sarah introduced me to.

Gina and Alexsander

I think Aleksandr is more my type. Just look at him. He is so well spoken and very polite. He has a hot tub. But I don’t spill all the details of my dates. For that, you might want to rely on Nicole.

Photos don’t always display correctly on facebook – you may want to visit the website.

On the Road Again

Yeah, yeah… It’s been a few days. Just trust me when I say we haven’t been sitting on our hands.

The plane journey wasn’t extremely eventful.

gina plane

Since landing though, we’ve been to the country for fried green tomatoes and I went wedding dress shopping with my oldest younger sister-in-law. (It’s all about the big yellow flowers, haha!) [I say the “in-law” bit now because people find it so funny when I talk about being married to her brother if I don’t mention it.]

We happened to find this advertisement on the side of a store from Gina’s modeling days.

gina butt

Baby got back.

Tom Petty. No Wait, David Bowie

You know it is early when an image of David Bowie slips into your head, but the name Tom Petty falls off your tongue. On a related note, you know you are hungry when you are willing to squeeze warm yellow snot between two pieces of brown toast, call it an egg sandwich, and wash it down with some apple juice. And you know you are delirious when you giggle until you nearly soil your new travel suit as you post a blog entry (on a stinking iPhone keypad) with your best little buddy Gina stashed in your carry-on with no ticket. It is bad but funny when your clumsy-double-thumb iPhone typo is so far from anything that the iPhone throws its hands in the air and says, ” dude, you are totally on your own with this one!?” It is 7:15a where we are and it is 1:15a where we are going; we may have had three hours sleep. With a little luck and some Tom Petty David Bowie on my iPod I will soon be a happy home goer.

Working Girl

Hey everybody! Gina here.  We’re gonna skip right over the part where I point out that nobody thought to give me a little face time on this blog until now — straight to the part where I tell you about “Take Gina to Work Day”.  It’s a little something I invented when I got tired of site seeing by myself while Jen and Drew went to work every day.  Apparently Jen’s employers think it’s a cute American tradition so we’re square.  I had to fill out some kind of confidentiality agreement being as everything I saw and heard was top confidential and all.

Everyone was really great though; I met people from all over the world in one tiny little office.  Now, I have never in my life seen people make such a fuss over meetings and the refreshments necessary to hold or participate in a meeting.  (Remember, the details are prolly confidential…)  I have also never seen so many people shuffling to meetings before and after jaunting off to lunch.  I could almost get used to this.

gina doing stuff

Alright, ya’ll — I am about to lay down some truth.  Jen’s job is hard.  DO NOT be fooled by my smile in these photographs, I’m a natural behind the camera.  I had a good time and all but they expect you  to come to meetings with a pencil and then you have to carry around these folders of papers…  Really.

gina pencil

gina folder

I must admit though, that I am really good at holding a teleconference.  People like the way I talk.

gina teleconference

Before I forget, I have to send a ‘shout out’ to my girl Sassy back in the states!  It is way past time for a visit from you; pack yo’ bags.  I have discovered ALL the fun things to do here.  Drew and Jen don’t mind carrying us around (and it’s a lot quicker than hauling tail around town with these short little legs!).  See you in August?