Boring Birthday Bash

So yesterday was my 30th birthday.

Everyone: How was your birthday?

Me: Dull.

Everyone: Oh?

Me: Yeah. We just stayed home.

Everyone: Well how does it feel?

Me: Achy and stiff. I feel old, and I have too much grey hair.

Jen had been talking about what she wanted to do for my thirtieth birthday for years. Asked me what I wanted to do on more than a few occasions, and I always thought it would be fun to do something really wild. Once the day actually arrived though, it just didn’t work out that way.

All of our close friends and family are thousands of miles away so a huge party or get-together just doesn’t work. We had thought about maybe getting a few of our new friends and coworkers together here for the Circle Line Pub Crawl, but in the end I just didn’t think I could stomach it. Would just end up sick, and after last week’s incident with Ade’s decanter, I think I have had my fill. So I ended up staying at home with Jen watching the first few episodes from season one of Torchwood.

So yeah, in true old-person fashion, I stayed home for my birthday instead of going out and celebrating. I have really enjoyed all the birthday well-wishes on facebook and via email. Less enjoyable has been looking in the mirror and seeing more salt in the pepper. I know I have been going grey since I was 16, but seriously, it makes a guy feel old. Not to mention I can’t help but see all the wrinkles forming around my eyes.

By the way, Pinky, Laura, Jane, Quinn, if I can muster the forces of my liver, we will make up for the lack of celebration while you are visiting.

On another note, spring is really starting to let us know it is here. Today was so gorgeous that people couldn’t help but enjoy the warm air and sunshine in every available green space. Check out the mass of people in Leicester Square.

Spring in Leicester Square
I am really going to enjoy this four day weekend. Oh yeah, I didn’t mention that did I? Easter weekend is a national holiday here and it is standard to have off Friday and Monday around Easter. So this is a four day week, followed by four days off, and then another four day week. This may get close to feeling like a vacation.

Plans for the weekend are yet to be made, but I plan to really enjoy it (though enjoying it will include reading Designing for the Social Web).

2 thoughts on “Boring Birthday Bash”

  1. I sure hope so! Quinn would be disappointed if he had no one to drink a pint at the pub with 🙂

  2. …there is an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” about this. Season 4, Episode 19. Watch it on hulu or something.

    I’m sorry that I didn’t send you flowers or the Features. I had a very good your birthday for you, though.

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