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  • Spring Green

    What did we do to deserve a beautiful weekend in Ireland?! Oh wait, Drew marked off another year…

  • So apparently we have a blog?

    We are way overdue for an update, and seeing as Jen and Gina are both busy today, you are left with a second rate blog post from the supporting actor. Sorry about that, but hey, I promise to try my best.

  • Boring Birthday Bash

    Yesterday was my thirtieth birthday. Jen and I tried to have grand plans, but it was the middle of the week and we were thousands of miles from our friends and family, but it is all okay because being an old man I was more than happy to sit at home on the couch watching TV. In addition to the birthday, it is also spring and Easter Holiday this weekend. So click on through to read more…

  • A Beautiful Birthday Story

    Long ago (yesterday, the 11th) and far, far away (use google maps) in a land called London, there a lived a girl who had a beautiful birthday. Her day began when a handsome prince, and an uncharacteristically cheerful sunrise, woke her. A box came. A very sexy bunch of flowers lay inside – from queens […]