Tortilla, Islington

Ok, so my favorite menu item doesn’t come wrapped in a tortilla… That doesn’t mean the burritos aren’t fantastic. For the crazy ex-pats who like ice, it’s self-serve crushed ice.

5 Stars

Pre-Booking not required
Lunch menu available
Take-away available, limited inside and patio seating
Vegetarian and Vegan options
Excellent value, economically priced
Appropriate for casual dining
Alcoholic beverages available, including frozen margaritas


Gives Baja Burrito a run for it’s money. …or at least gets close.

2 thoughts on “Tortilla, Islington”

  1. Absolutely delicious. It actually is the best burrito in London and comes VERY close to being as good as a Baja Burrito, no joke!

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