I don’t think I mentioned that Quinn is a Brewer. I mean, that is his profession. Yes, I am serious. You can see why pubs were so carefully woven into our visit with J & Q. On Tuesday evening we had dinner at Tortilla before enjoying a round at The York in Islington. Hiccup.

york drinks

york story

york motto

We had high hopes for baking in my one and a half butt kitchen after dinner and drinks, but somehow became distracted by ice cream and wine. Hiccup.

The tube strike may have thrown a wrench in the plans of the happy vacationers, but you wouldn’t know it by talking to them. I am guessing that traffic was horrendous for their double decker bus tour, but when is traffic not bad on the bus tour route in London?! They have recommended The Alpino in Angel Islington for a tasty breakfast, by the way.

Wednesday evening we met J & Q at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. (I wish they could have met Kerry and Emily in our basement spot!)

cheshire drinks

We supped on vegetarian pie, macaroni and cheese, and (un)spicy chicken.  If we had stayed for another round the bar tender had promised to let me pull the beer.  Hiccup.  Nah, I’ll have to pass.  The night ended earlier than I wanted – I knew that tomorrow morning would come all too soon and our friends would be flying home. But I was exhausted. Beyond exhausted, back to wired, and then exhausted again. I think we managed to giggle a little while longer back at the flat before the big crash.

Thursday was a flurry of breakfast at Piccolo Deli and hugs.  I didn’t cry until the doors closed on the lift.  I did look forward to sleeping in my bed again – it’s been 23 days – but I wanted my friends to stay more than I missed my room.  I wasn’t sure I was ready to be alone with my thoughts and I could think of a very long list of things we didn’t do or see.  Alas, round two of guests had come to an end.

Tortilla, Islington

Ok, so my favorite menu item doesn’t come wrapped in a tortilla… That doesn’t mean the burritos aren’t fantastic. For the crazy ex-pats who like ice, it’s self-serve crushed ice.

5 Stars

Pre-Booking not required
Lunch menu available
Take-away available, limited inside and patio seating
Vegetarian and Vegan options
Excellent value, economically priced
Appropriate for casual dining
Alcoholic beverages available, including frozen margaritas


Gives Baja Burrito a run for it’s money. …or at least gets close.

He’s Right Behind You!

This weekend Drew and I enjoyed ourselves at the Barbican Centre for two very different shows.  On Saturday we had a lovely lunch at the Waterside Cafe before enjoying a special showing of The Day the Earth Stood Still in a very nice cinema.  After the show we had dinner at Tortilla in Islington and spent some time at Borders.

Today we had another horrible rendition of biscuits (Jackie told me not to make biscuits without Martha White flour and I had no idea what he meant until now) before we got ready to head back to the Barbican.  

Drew treated me to theatre tickets.  We saw  a very special show – the Catherine Wheels Theatre Company production of Hansel and Gretel.  What makes the show so special is that you travel with the characters through the set and you stay very close to the action.  I say that’s what makes it special as if the characters are not magical and wonderful, but oh, they are!  Because the play is meant to be enjoyed by children and adults alike, there is something for everyone, but the chance for children to move between scenes is beneficial in several ways.  Firstly, they experience the set.  It was really cool and spooky (and festive) in all the right ways.  Secondly, they have the opportunity to break their little attention spans to move from place to place.  Thirdly, they get to touch things and feel a part of the action.

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed this performance of a classic piece of children’s literature.  Not only does it appeal to the part of me that studied nursery rhymes and storytelling.  It also speaks to that part of me that majored in theatre for two semesters and minored in dance to the end.  I really appreciated the care that was taken in designing clever sets and staging that placed the audience, well, on stage.  It’s brilliant.

Tonight we have labored over the tentative itinerary for our holiday.  We have booked a rental car and started our packing lists.  I have something to read on the plane and much laundry has been done.  We can’t wait to see you.