Don’t Look Now…

All this time I have had to make Christmas cards was foiled by my ignorance.  I’ve been searching for craft stores in London and I have pawed through stationery stores for the supplies I would need to glitter your mailbox.  Today I discovered something wholly new to me.  Haberdashery.  Mostly it indicates sewing supplies, but sometimes other types of crafty things are sold at bigger haberdashery stores.

On the fourth floor (out of five) of the John Lewis department store there is a magical place of material, notions, knitting supplies, and all sorts of crafty things.

John Lewis decorations

John Lewis decorations two

John Lewis knitted doll

John Lewis Crafts

John Lewis Crafts two

John Lewis yarn

John Lewis yarn two

I was disappointed in the selection of paper supplies, but do not expect to have the time to make cards at this point, anyway.  (I know that you are breathing a sigh of relief that you will not be finding sparklies all over the place for the next three weeks.)

On another floor, I walked through the seasonal section so that I might peruse the Christmas decorations being sold to real live Londoners.  I was not surprised by anything I saw, really.  It seems that the US and the UK agree on this issue of importance.  You either pick classy or trashy–or you do one of each in two separate rooms.

Christmas Tree

Upside Down Christmas Tree


Last evening, at the Roundhouse near Chalk Farm Station, Master Shortie wore out a crowd of singing, dancing fans.  I was impressed with the number of people who had already memorized every song, though MS has yet to release his first album.  When it does “drop” I am sure things are going to get really crazy.  I had a great time; there is nothing better to relieve stress than a catchy beat shared by a crowd.

Master Shortie

Drew and Janita

Drew and Jen go to Master Shortie

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  1. Yes, I have tried to explain the correct use of Ooh and Aah to Drew… I think he has it down. (For some reason there are a lot of fireworks in London to practice with in the month of November.)

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