You Ought to be Ashamed.

Words of the Day: Philately, Philatelist

  • Philately: The study and collection of stamps
  • Philatelist: Someone who collects stamps

Correct use of these words in a conversation:  Hey, have you seen Dr. Philately?  I heard he had a Philatelist on the show the other day; apparently they are working through his addiction to that stuff on the back of lickable stamps.  Quite tragic, actually.


We haven’t seen any snow.  We did take a bus to the Islington shopping center, wander around in a Borders store, eat at Yo! Sushi, see a movie, visit the Soho Fresh and Wild, have a drink at The Shakespeare, and eat dinner.  That’s a wild ride for a lazy Sunday, huh?

I never get tired of good bookstores.  Bookstores are a lot like everything else in my life, though.  When is there is too much stimulus I shut down for a minute.  Then, I systematically create lists and plan a serious attack, and by “attack” I mean there is a lot of flailing about and commotion that is meant to appear as progress.  Right before the city is quarantined due to the Zombie outbreak, I want to make it into the nearest Borders store with a cafe.  Hopefully I will be able to enjoy the time I have left on Earth without feeling guilty that I am neglecting the laundry.  All the excuses in the world don’t make up for the fact that books are now easy to purchase and load on an iPod or MP3 player.  We’ve tried it; I think we both liked it.  Why did we stop buying audio books?!

Another really pertinent question on my mind is related to recommendations we received before our relocation.  Why did no one tell us to fill at least one suitcase with vegan chocolate chips?  The Fresh and Wild in Soho seemed to be a nice size and also appeared to have a selection of wonderful products.  However, they failed to stock whole black beans or vegan chocolate chips.  Who, I demand to know, shops at Whole Foods that does not purchase these items?!  Please don’t answer–I know who you are and you are wrong.  And you ought to be ashamed.  So, before this week is out I may create my own London bus tour with all stops being at stores which advertise themselves as natural food stores.  If I find vegan chocolate chips, I am going to buy so many bags that I have to get a cab home.

The Shakespeare, as we discovered this evening, is a quiet little neighborhood pub where you can enjoy a frosty or hot beverage while you do what you do at a pub.  Sanctioned activities include watching sports, enjoying company, scowling to oneself, scowling at others, playing electronic slots, or just enjoying a drink. Although I’ve seen signs for lunch, they don’t serve dinner.  That is just as well, because we’ve been to grocery store and Drew set up our digital tv stuff yesterday.  The atmosphere this evening was friendly and there was football on the telly.  I didn’t understand much of what was happening in the game but all of the players looked pretty happy in the end, so I guess all is well in the world…

I have mixed feelings about facing the new work week.  Firstly, I hope (and have a teeny-tiny sadness) that it might be my last week at home before starting my new job.  Secondly, it’s a holiday week back in the states and this will be our first Thanksgiving in London.  We’ll manage to have good time, but we’ll certainly be thinking of home.

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  1. Hey you guys!!!

    We miss you for Thanksgiving and wish you could be here but I was looking through your blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE the new pics, the Christmas ones in particular. The more you find of christmas pics you can take like that send them my way! and tell bubba he looks cute with his new dew! But mom and ash were telling me that they get emails from him and evidently he has me down as a gmail account and i don’t have that account anymore. So could you pretty please forward him this email? this is the one that i check all the time and i would love to get emails from him every once in a while. but we miss you guys and i hope you all make your own traditions together this year as your first thanksgiving across the world! Mom and Ash say “HEY Happy Thanksgiving” and ash “yea” haha

    love you,


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