Was this what I ordered?

Word of the Day: Sultana

  • A sultana (also called the sultanina or sultani) is a type of white, seedless grape of Turkish or Iranian origin. It is also the name given to the raisin that is made from it.
Today’s Most Missed Thing: holding beautiful babies


Mom, I might invite a few extra folks for Christmas, but the little ones don’t eat much–the pregnant one might, though…  Let’s make extra food!  (Just kidding.) (Ok, well, only sort of…)

On to the news…

Saturday was a bit of an adventure involving calling a moving van, hailing a cab, and rushing over to meet the moving van.  Then we unpacked a little.  Drew got started hooking up computers while I started laundry and light cleaning.
Drew comp set up
 On Saturday evening, we ventured out to Oxford Street to purchase cell phones and grab a bite to eat.  Oxford Street has a little of everything.  We were only able to purchase a cell phone for Drew, as he is the only one with a debit card (nasty face implied).  Then we had dinner at Yo! Sushi.  It’s a restaurant with a neat concept.  You eat at the bar or a table where a conveyor system rotates ready-to-eat sushi right by you.  You may choose any item(s) whizzing by and/or order from the wait staff the hot food or the sushi you want but don’t see.  I enjoyed it.
Yo! Sushi

On our way home we stopped into an HMV to purchase a season of the TV show Firefly.  It was about the same price as seeing 1.5 movies at the theatre, but we will enjoy it a lot longer! You can do the research, but the short version is that it’s supposed to be a sci-fi series that has the feel of a western. Those are two things I wouldn’t have put together, but I am open to the idea…

Sunday, Drew went into work for five hours (plus travel time). I scrubbed the bath tub/toilet/sinks, unpacked, made the bed, dusted, swept, did more laundry, did some dishes, and cooked dinner. Phew!

Monday was a big day. I rushed around to get our write-in ballots printed, filled out, and shipped. Then I purchased a SIM card for a mobile phone so that Drew and I can find each other when we get separated and such. I went to the Post Office to mail a letter and request that our mail be forwarded to our new address. Unfortunately, they are unable to do so seeing that we have no qualifying proof that we were residents there. Relocation pains. I also stopped by the old flat to get something that was inadvertently left behind and returned the keys to Ticketmaster–making us officially residential. As many times as I have said it, I still mean it when I say that I cannot believe we are actually here.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to re-working my CV and submitting to Recruitment Agencies so that I may too enter the working world. I think it will be nice.

We love you all!

4 responses to “Was this what I ordered?”

  1. ok, for the Love of Lasagne…………..what is a CV? I kept looking to see if I just missed it. I know it has something to do with getting a job……like a resume………but I can’t figure it out……
    Canned Veal……no – that can’t be it
    cat vomit —–ewww yuck! absolutely not!
    covered veil…….well, some people stretch the truth on a resume’!
    cookie veteran….now i can’t imagine how that would help
    concealed visa – no, it’s not a secret that you’re from the US
    OK – i give up!

  2. so……..they use CV ….it ‘s because the word Resume’ is FRENCH!
    I get it…….now. Thanks sis.
    Even though you are the little sister, I learn so very much from you. I have not arrived to “cool” status, nor do I intend to. However, I have moved away from TOTALLY ignorant in many areas from the myriad of experiences and facts that you continue to share. It also helps that you insist on writing with an intelligent and colorful vocabulary in your love of language……..you are stretching me, challenging me to write with more creativity!
    Hope you are enjoying your Saturday, in your new home, with your creative and affectionate husband.
    Love you both, Donna

  3. I’ve been thinking. It happens from time to time. You are way cooler than me in lots of ways. Thank goodness I’m a little quirky, because I’d be so boring if I wasn’t. But back to the point, you are not uncool. And I know lots of people who agree with me. It just so happens that the US calls them resumes because when “we” chose the word “we” were still mad at England. Now I realize that the term “CV” is so ingrained in me that I forgot that not everyone uses that word. I wonder how often I now say “actually”, “bit” or “bits”, “sort”, “fancy”, and “jolly good go”. Yeah, I actually used that last one in a phone interview today. Wow. That’s weird. I’m 0.01% British.