It’s Pretty Official

When you join the local library I think it’s official that you live in the area.  And we do.  Who are we, again?

We picked up two movies to enjoy later, but while we were at the Barbican we wandered through a very interesting exhibit that seemed interactive–it was so complicated that I couldn’t tell if I was really affecting the outcome or if it just seemed that way.  Then we trotted about a mile to the cinema to eat at Tortilla and see a super cheese fest at the cinema: Ghost Town.  I enjoyed it, it was good, see it.

So, what’s different about the movie theatres here?

  1. It’s called the cinema.
  2. There is your standard concession fare: popcorn, nachos, hotdogs, soft drinks, but there’s also Ben and Jerry’s, a candy shop, and alcohol.
  3. There’s a (for 18+ only) bar outside the area where you hand over your ticket, so depending on what kind of food you eat, you really could have dinner, drinks, and a movie all in one spot.
  4. The time on your movie ticket is the time you go into the theatre, not the time the previews start.
  5. There are no car commercials, but there are funny turn-off-your-cell-phone-mercials.
And what was the highlight of the evening?  Well, we stopped at Borders while we waited on our movie to start.  As soon as we walked in I lost Drew, so I wandered over to the children’s book isle to find some inspiration.  Well, a little mole inspired me to laugh for two days.  It was the pop up version.


Apparently, the mole popped out of his hole and something plopped on his head.  You are looking at it and you know what it looks like but you just can’t accept that while you are pulling tabs and sliding paper levers that you are dropping a turd on the little guy’s head.  But you are.  He goes around asking each animal if they did it.  They say no and show him how they “do” it.  Of course you, the reader, must participate in making the poop, well, dropping it on the ground at least.  No spoiler here, of course.  You’ll have to find out for yourself how the little mole solves his problem.  Well, that’s all for this edition of Reading Rainbow.  Please join us next time when we review other fabulous titles from around the globe.  (Why am I working so hard on my book?  I can write about poop and Drew can sure draw poop.  Problem solved we’re in the money, right?!)

2 thoughts on “It’s Pretty Official”

  1. do you mean……….”we’re in business” ?
    ha ha?
    you put “we’re in the money”

    either way…… are hysterical!

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