Camping in the Big Wild City

Living in our cool new flat in London, which seems pretty modern and art deco in the photos, is not entirely unlike camping to a very spoiled southerner.  Although we were really excited to have the big open ceiling in the living area and the cool little office space that closes off, I underestimated how much I would miss the plugs in the bathroom, shower curtain, microwave, dryer, dishwasher, freezer, double sink, and en suite master bathroom.  I am determined to make the best of living like a Londoner, though.  They do it.  Why can’t I?!

We have (many) fewer square feet in our flat here than we did at our house in Smyrna, but we probably utilize the same amount of space.  Hopefully this will train me to live with less or find more efficient uses of space and translate well into my future homemaking ventures.  For now, it means no yard work and less to clean!  It also means more frequent trips to the grocery and lots of laundry everywhere.  Whew!  I am going to have to get in a steady routine when I start working and I’ll have to show Drew the system when its time to share the chores.

I have gotten used to the street noise and no longer have trouble falling asleep to it.  I am afraid, though, that the untrained ear might not be so easily lulled into slumber.  There is also a lot of light from the street lights, and in the morning, the sun.  Sometimes Drew and I wear our goofy sleep masks if we want to sleep in.  I just bring these things up so that you can pack with them in mind.  However, they do give out eye masks and ear plugs on your flight over.  House shoes wouldn’t be a bad idea.  The bedroom has carpet, but when you come out for your coffee the chilly floor might be a turn off.

For your vacationing pleasure (and the demands of daily life) we have located all of the following within a quick jaunt:

I am pretty sure we are going to live.  A lot.  Can’t wait to have you here or see you at Christmas, whichever comes first.  All my love to you!

2 responses to “Camping in the Big Wild City”

  1. I love how you are always thinking of and preparing for your loved ones impending travel plans to London.
    What are you going to do when we all show up to surprise you on the same day with our little sleep masks in hand?