A Tradition Begins

Word of the Day: Minging (rhymes with ringing)

  • Offensive, disgusting (I left a glass of milk on my desk for a few days and it is minging.)
Thing I miss: color guard rehearsal and winter programs camps

I am not sure why I am feeling so very tired.  Maybe it’s the cooler weather or the shorter days.  It could be the amount of time I am by myself with this computer.  Perhaps I am not sleeping as well as I think I am, what with the street lights and street noise outside our bedroom.  Who knows?!  Whatever the cause, it’s another thing to which I’ll have to adjust.

We walked from our flat all the way down to The Tower of London today.  
Originally we had set out to find the building where I have the interview, but we found such cool architecture that we took a few detours.
building 2

We also realized how close we were to the spot where we stood, barely over a year ago, wondering if we would ever have the chance to live somewhere as cool as London.

As the city began to turn dark, we thought we would get a bite to eat and catch a movie.  We found a wonderful hole in the wall called Indian Veg.  The owners had plastered the walls with research about the benefits of eating vegetables and certain spices.  It was wonderful to have a vegan meal; the food was simple, but full of flavor and vegetables that were filling and nutritious.  The meal was also very inexpensive.  I was grateful for the meal and the love that went into its preparation.  I could see us finding that place again–since it is near the theatre and its affordable, we could make a little tradition out of it.

Walking for hours on end might not have sounded like a fun way to spend my Saturday back in the states, but there is so much to look at and digest as we wander the streets…  I wonder if it ever gets old.

4 thoughts on “A Tradition Begins”

  1. Jen,
    loved catching up with your last week…….miss you like crazy!
    37 days to Christmas Eve!
    hugs, donna

  2. don’t confuse minging with minge (pronounced “minj”) which means fanny which in England does not mean ass.

  3. Jen, hi. You and Joey don’t know me but I got this site from my mom (Rhonda Wright) and Jackie Young. They just told me you got over here and I thought I would say hi. I live about 80 miles north of you. Since I put my email address in I’m assuming you can see it. Drop me a line. We’d love to meet you guys. By the way, the whole tired thing is normal over here in the winter time.

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