The Huddlestons Have Landed

So after thirteen hours of travel, Jen and I finally made it to the flat. We think we got pretty lucky with TM putting us in the same location as our previous visit because this time we will already be a little familiar with the locale.

We had a little issue with shipping a few things from Nashville. Apparently the FedEx outpost in Antioch is under the impression Britain prohibits the import of copyrighted material. Can anyone tell me what one would ship from the US which is NOT under some form of copyright? Anyone? We are going to have to sort this out or we might have an issue here.

The flights were both bearable, but I have to say, if the kid has teeth and can talk – he is WAY too old to be breast-feeding. I mean, for real – it is just creepy. [insert shout out to American Airlines for being quite possibly the best experience I have ever had on any flight – from staff to planes, they were top notch – LCDs in all headrest.] We decided not to eat on the plane this time to try and help our bodies adjust to a new internal clock, but I am not sure how well that has worked. Jen is pretty tired and I would rather take another nap, but know I need to save it for tonight.

After we landed in Heathrow (for some reason I thought we were flying into Gatwick again), it was a really quick train ride into London’s Paddington Station on the Heathrow Express, we hopped into a taxi, stopped by the office to get the flat key, jumped back into the taxi, and made our way to the flat – in the rain. The rain wasn’t too bad though, fairly light by Tennessee standards in fact. After placing a couple of phone calls and sending a few texts to family to let them know we made it safely, Jen and I both took a shower and then Jen went downstairs to grab us a bite to eat for lunch.

Before we call it a night we will be stepping out to find a few essentials such as a hair dryer, beard trimmer (so I can remove this thing before going into work tomorrow), straightening iron, nail polish remover, and a job for Jen. Okay, we probably won’t find the job tonight, but you never know!

More updates to follow. …and once we are rested, the funny will return.

We miss you already.

7 responses to “The Huddlestons Have Landed”

  1. Miss you guys! Glad you arrived safely an soundly. Quinn and I are busy planning our trip to visit so get ready 🙂

  2. How exciting! I feel like I am somehow there with you by this site. Thanks for keeping us updated. I will pass it along. J and J are at Granny’s and Levi is heading that way to visit.

  3. Reach for the stars!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Doing apples for pies, can’t wait to eat one. Give Jennifer a hug.

    She’s amazed that you have sent a message already and others have sent to you. “I just don’t understand it” she says. Told her I do this with her every couple days. She might learn to type!!

    Sheri says HI and good luck. Love Aunt Nener

  4. Hey You Guys!! I am glad to hear that you guys made it “home” safely!! I wish you two the best!!

  5. Miss you guys so much. It was no big deal when you were in Nashville, but now i wish i had spent more time with you all. Thank you so much for everything that you all have done for me. It meant and still means a lot to me. Anyway have fun while your over there and get ready for a visit from me!