Oh I, I will survive…

Please allow me to introduce you to my new friend, Gina!

Dang, Gina! 

Since my sister couldn’t come with me to London, she sent a sista, aka Gina McSasspants, to look after me.  I hope you are all looking forward to the upcoming “Dang, Gina!” moments.

Now, as you may already know, the FedEx outpost in Antioch has some crazy ideas about what you can and can’t ship to yourself.  Well, my sister took her 5’0″ can of smack-down into her local branch.  Problem solved.  You may not know that on the day I left the US I received a letter from the IRS stating that I had not filed a tax return for the year 2006.  It turns out the US Embassy has a representative in the UK to take my call.  You can’t get a bank account here without an address and you can’t rent a flat without a bank account.  It’s ok.  We’re well connected : )  With every small hurdle there seems to be a solution that’s fairly painless, though possibly quite time consuming and involving many steps.  There is a definite challenge involved in making my way around a huge city with no cell phone and little confidence in my ability to get on the right bus or have enough fare on my Oyster card to get there and home again.  I asked to be tested and this is the reward I’ve been given.  Maybe I’ll be really cool by the time I come home for Christmas!

I am happy and adjusting well despite the camping trip we are on.  Please don’t worry about us and do know that we love you very much.  We miss you, but we can feel your love all the way across the ocean…

3 responses to “Oh I, I will survive…”

  1. Jen & Drew,
    just to ease your mind – Derrick from the 1-800# called. He will be personally watching those packages (from the tracking #s) to be sure that there are no further incidents!! For that kind of money – he should hand deliver them himself!!
    love to you, donna

  2. hold on… which sister got you the doll? please tell me it wasnt my mom!

    i miss you already- have tons of stories when you get home for christmas!

    till then… i love you (and that uncle of mine too)

  3. Nice to meet your new friend, Gina. I am sure she will be readily accepted by our family.