My, my, my.  It’s London out there.  And in here, really.

I feel like I must have felt on my first day at school.  My five senses are overloaded with the incoming information.  Wow, what people wear in this chilly weather!  When I close my eyes, I dream about foreign languages I barely understand. My head is swimming with the thoughts of all the things that must be tied up–bank accounts, a more permanent living situation, a job..
The grocery store shopping carts (trollies) are tiny, but most people use the small hand held baskets to shop with.  Things are not located in the store as an American would expect them to be and there is a patisserie where fresh bread is just sitting on the bare shelf for you to bag.  (They also have bread in bags like we are used to, just not in this section.)  It’s always a mad house at the grocery and they have so many prepared foods here.  I saw a tv personality saying that not many people cook.  I thought that was crazy until I saw how much food is ready to heat and eat.

There’s so much to see-to learn-to understand. I am overwhelmed and proud that I am taking it all in stride. Please bear with me as I figure out the sensible way to to share it with you. It is late and I am charged with getting enough sleep to do the morrow justice. Much love!!

4 responses to “Jenspeak”

  1. So glad you guys arrived safe and sound…hmmm…sound? Oh yes, I am sure that you both are. I miss you already. I love to read the blogs written by you and Drew. Better than most books! Keep the posts coming…we want to know everything, well, not EVERYTHING! LOL

  2. Ok Donna…that made me smile 🙂

    Jen…I hope you guys keep up the blogging! I have been reading/lurking for a long while. I am sorry that we didn’t get to come to the sending off party. I am sad we missed saying goodbye.

    I am looking forward to reading about you and Drew figuring it all out across the pond. We want to see pictures!
    Love 3,


  3. Thanks for reading. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my new game “The Price is Right”. It’s gonna be fun!