I thought you said it would be rainy.

Well, the weather is great in London town this week. God knows I have appreciated it while I wander and orient myself to my surroundings. What I did to deserve this good fortune is unbeknownst to me. As the party beat pulses through the floor of our flat and the cheery voices float up to our living room window, we rest up for a busy day of appointments with Estate Agents tomorrow, as well as meeting a friend and his two year old son–then possibly seeing a rugby match. Crazy, huh?

So, to quickly catch you up, Drew and his team launched their first website holding page for a British client today. I had a pint with them after work to celebrate. We came home for a wonderful dinner which I prepared accidentally on purpose. I had no idea if everything would work out, but we were pleased with the results.
Simple recipes really.

cut up some potatoes
boil them
drain them
coat them in a little olive oil
sprinkle with Rosemary, Garlic, Salt, and Pepper
place in the oven until lightly roasted

steam some veggies you like
drain veggies
coat with Indian yummy sauce shown here
mmm again.
The crackers and dips are just a few little things I found to make us feel like we were dining at a fine Indian restaurant. The crackers are awesome–like Wheat Thins on steroids. It’s of the Crispbread line and man they’re good.

After dinner I looked through some more real estate listings to prepare for tomorrow’s adventures. On the spur of the moment we went out for ice cream and just wandered the streets for an hour. Wow, we really live here. What a weird thing to keep saying.

There is still so much to do and so little time to do it all. I work harder now than I ever did at work! Who ever said being a homemaker was easy?! I long for Sunday. On Sunday I promise to be a bit more of a tourist. I’ll need it to be ready to do it all again on Monday.

All my love~

One response to “I thought you said it would be rainy.”

  1. i tried the potato recipe last night with baked salmon and chicken and a salad. Wonderful………..
    so glad you have enough time to shop and cook. it can be exhausting! Especially when you have to carry all of those groceries. Hope your Sunday was relaxing…………..hugs to you both,
    ps.& gina, too