Friday I’m in Love

(Just so you know I have written, published and mysteriously lost this entry already this evening–but here it goes again.)

We got the keys to our new place today after meeting an inventory specialist to sign off on the evaluation and take a last look at the place.  There are several reasons why we have decided not to move in today:

  • The internet connection will be activated on 31 October
  • The whole flat needs a good, thorough cleaning
  • We still have to purchase bed linens and towels
  • The landline connecting us to emergency services will be activated on 29 October
  • Seven Dials is a fun and convenient place to be on the weekend
  • The landlord still has to get back to us regarding the location of the electric meter
Although I have registered to pay council taxes, arranged for the water to be in our name and signed up for telephone/internet services, I still have a few more things to take care of.  Of course we have to get an electricity/gas account, but I also have to investigate whether or not we have to get a tv license.  I am hoping the landlord might have one that is good for a while…
London isn’t everything we dreamed it would be just yet.  We’ve spent too much time doing work type things.  However, I think we have saved enough allowance money to see the Dr. Who exhibition this weekend at Earls Court.  You’re jealous.  We’re geeks.  It all evens out.  I just hope I get to spend some stress-free time with this boy I’m crushing on.
My former Project Manager from ICON is an hour away from London on business this week, so I am hoping that we will somehow be able to swing catching her in her travels to or from her other destinations.  It would be great to see someone familiar, from home…  So, when did you say you were coming?
There isn’t much else to tell in the way of bigs news, so I will leave you with a few photos of some green space that I have enjoyed in the city.


4 responses to “Friday I’m in Love”

  1. Hi Jen! It sounds like you’re making progress there and will soon be in your new flat. I love the flowers. What is the climate like there where you are and what is the name of the city or village?

    We sure miss you. Write often. XXXX <— kisses.

    Step mom Carol

  2. Even though I didn’t know who or what it was, I was actually excited for and believed you in a prior post when you said you would be working on a season of Dr. Who.
    Kassi enlightened me.

    I do love The Cure though. And your title. I taught my kids the days of the week with that song. 🙂

  3. Jen, know it must be a bit taxing, learning and doing to set up all those accounts etc in a different fashion to what you’re accustomed, but think of the people you’re getting to meet and learning how a little different culture does things! I really do envy your youth and the experiences your (hopefully) enjoying.
    hat has the weather been like, it’s starting to get cooler here and I sure dread it this winter. But we need a good cold winter to kill off a lot of the bugs, etc.
    Joey, how’s your job going? Met any interesting people yet?

    Finally got notice from SS that I was offically approved. Until I saw it in print I still had reservations. Now I get to wait to see what I’ll draw. Have been DOWN in my back for most of the summer, in PT now and showing some improvement, thank goodness. Friend called today and someone had a powerchair on for $600 had only been used about 2hrs. good buy for future and flea market etc type use. Don’t want to use it much until have to.

    Granny is still wonderful. I know where she gets her great attitude and helpfull nature, wish I could be more like her. But we’re all different or life would be boring. She brought Jim in another batch (6) of fried apple pies. He says, I know my Mama loves me. Then calls her and tells her they are just about perfect, won’t say they are perfect cause she’ll stop “trying” to make them!

    Don’t know if Charlie had signed w/Tullahoma before you left. He will set up practice there next August. Carter has finally got a violin teacher and can play part of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

    Send some more pics of the “flat” when you can.

    Love and Miss you, Aunt Nener