The Epic Tale Continues…

So this week my work permit arrived from the UK office. One would like to think that was the end of, what has become, the epic process of entering the UK, but one would be wrong.

Apparently, while I can now legally work in the UK, I still have to be approved to ENTER the UK.

After receiving my work permit on Monday I then started the slightly confusing process of applying for entry clearance. The application itself was a nice online form written in typical government speak (read “confusing as hell”) and came with a $430 application fee – you know, pocket change – for EACH. Yes, Jen and I are now out $860 on this venture and we haven’t even left American soil. Good news is I can expense it once I actually make it to the London office, but until then, we are paying interest baby.

So today, as the next step in this process, Jen and I are heading to an office near the airport to have our Glamour Shots and fingerprints taken and submitted electronically to the British Consulate General (via Homeland Security). The part that I particularly enjoy about this step is the name, “Biometric Data.” Although, I have to say I was a little disappointed they weren’t asking for fluid samples, dental records and bone marrow.

Once we have submitted our Biometric Data (I really love that term), we will then have to MAIL our paperwork and passport to the British Consulate in Chicago to finish the Entry Clearance Application.

So, in summary:

  • British Paperwork – not complete
  • New Salary – in negative numbers
  • House – still for sale
  • Car – need to put on Craig’s List
  • Motorcycle – want a couple more rides
  • Storage Space – quickly filling
  • Crap in House – still in house
  • Family – planning a send off
  • Friends – waiting for a send off
  • Doctor Who - award winning television
  • You – reading

God Save The Huddlestons.

2 responses to “The Epic Tale Continues…”

  1. When I entered with my temporary work permit, I got to sit in the Home Office for eight — EIGHT — hours to get them to approve it. Good times. I would hope they’ve improved things since then. Good luck.