Brought to you by Tums

Did I survive a yard sale or I am still dreaming?  Oh wait, it rained today.  A yard sale on a rainy day would be counter productive. Silly rabbit…  Of course, it did stop raining.  Right after it poured and then rained and then stopped and then poured.  Hmmm.   I am delirious, I still have on yesterday’s make-up, I am sore, I smell like wet dog, and there is a stack of dollar bills on my kitchen table.  I either survived a yard sale or I was the entertainment at someone’s bachelor party.

Thank God for the folks who will love my gently-used, but well-loved crap.  Also, bless the hearts of those characters that tracked dirt on my freshly shampooed carpet and let their children kick the back of my couch.  Yummy.  I am grateful that the day has passed, grateful for the amazing friends and family that supported me through this trying ordeal, and so pleased to be $28.37 richer.  This could not have been possible without the tough love of my sister–and our adopted sister.  Who else stays up all night with you singing along to crappy (but inexplicably awesome) 80’s Jams and faces death to remove all traces of cobwebs on your cathedral ceiling?  Who else can scare you straight about the mess on the dining room table and will selflessly defend the $2 salad bowl?  Thanks also belong to my dad and stepmom for making the multi-family yard sale a real event, to my Auntie Jean for her sense of humor and for sharing a margarita with me, and to my mom for windows that you can eat on.

I miss you already.

3 responses to “Brought to you by Tums”

  1. I can’t believe you had a yard sale and didn’t inform me! Rain or no, I would have paid top dollar for some of your gently-used, well-loved crap!

    The whole time I was reading your last paragraph, I was picturing you tightly clutching a little golden statuette next to your heart. The music started before I got to the end…exit to the right Jen. 😉


  2. […] January 2008 came, introducing a formal credibility to the dream as echo announced its intention to open an office in London to serve international clients. We visited London again that spring and spent the summer in deliberation. What was I thinking when decided to live so far away from my family, snuggled my cat for the last time, resigned my cool new day job, made the announcement to my students, said goodbye to my friends, sold my house, nearly every shred of furniture in it, the cars, and Drew’s motorcycle?! I could actually still tell you the reasons; it wasn’t so long ago that I can’t close my eyes and find myself standing in the rain at that epic yard sale. […]