The Visit, Day One

Jen and I touched down in the UK this morning at 9:00am local time after traveling for HOURS. We had been in the air since 4:00pm Nashville, which for those of you doing the math (and after the additional commute to the flat) means we were traveling for over 12 hours. It made for a very long day – though we had a nice lunch during our layover in Cincinnati.

After touching down we jumped on the Gatwick Express (the non-stop train between Gatwick airport and London’s Victoria Station) and rode into London where we then grabbed a taxi. I had to stop by the TM office building to grab the key to the flat and then we jumped back in the taxi for a quick trip to the flat.

Once we finally made it into the flat we pretty much passed out. I didn’t let us sleep too long though – didn’t want us to waste a whole day in bed. So after our short nap we decided to walk down to the TM office just to get a sense of what was around between here and there. Was a really nice walk, even had a good old Cornish Pasty on the walk. I think that is officially my favorite food now and may be the single reason I decide to move (kidding).

On the walk back Jen decided to let you get a look around the flat so I pulled out my new Flip Video and made a quick video and uploaded it here for you to see using Vimeo (another TM company).

8 responses to “The Visit, Day One”

  1. How awesome!!! You guys will have to get a bigflat when you move so you have lots of room for friends to come and visit 😉 Now go drink Guinness!

  2. That place is tiny! Except for the extra bathroom it makes my apt look big!

    I kept my audio off at work… did anyone say how much that cost in pounds to rent per month?

  3. No, we did not say.

    It is actually free for us this week so I don’t know. I can say though, I looked for similarly sized places in this area and it was QUITE pricey. We are definitely in the heart of things.

    From the prices of things listed in the area, it looks like this place would run arounf £500 – £650 per week. …yes, per week, so around £2600 per month. It is certainly out of our price range, but we don’t need to be right here either. It would be similar to living a block from Broadway in New York.

  4. Holy crap, 2600 pounds = over $5,000 US!!!!!

    I’m very interested to see how the prices and such compare, keep us posted.

    Also, are you guys planning on calling/stopping by utility companies and asking them if they can provide expected costs based on what you settle on if you move? That may be another piece of useful information.

  5. hi huddlestons! this website is the coolest thing to me, since im not computer savy. besides the price, the crazy thing is doing laundry in the kitchen. just wanted to say i missed you and hope everything is working out the way you all want. by the way drew, nice book i know the moms will be proud.