The Visit, Day Four

Jet lag can be a bit tricky.  We tried sleeping with the shutters closed last evening because it gets light so early here, but it was still hard not to feel like we were oversleeping.  Our morning was spent planning a trip to Marlow to meet with my prospective employer.  We had to take a tube to the train station and then a train to Maidenhead and a train to Marlow.  Really.

The folks I met were super nice and the village of Marlow is quaint, quiet, and very nice.  It’s just more than a bit of out the way.  I would definitely have to drive to work.

As boring as that sounds, that is really how we spent the majority of our day: preparing, walking, tubing, training, walking, interviewing, and the preceding in reverse.  (We are now preparing for tomorrow.)  While we were on the train I actually watched a guy–a grown man–pick his nose and eat it, for about an hour.  I guess when you are pressed for time you have to eat on the go.

When we arrived back at the flat, I changed out of my suit.  We walked down to Leicester Square where the TM office is and took some video.  We ran into Scott, Drew’s supervisor, coming out of the building.  We chatted and walked with him down to Chinatown.  He made some suggestions for a meal and a drinking hole.


Because we had grabbed a pasty in the train station, we just walked down to Trafalgar Square to take a little video and did a tiny bit of sightseeing on our way back to the flat.

We’ve got the terrace door open and the tv on.  We can hear the sounds of the street below and are still able to enjoy a silly comedy of some sort.  I am tired.  I cannot believe I am sending emails or blogging.  However, I do hope that you are enjoying keeping up with the Huddlestons!

Much love to you all and happy Wednesday, dad!

(p.s. Mom, text in a different color in the entry above is a link to a website.  click on the link to be redirected to the other site.)

5 responses to “The Visit, Day Four”

  1. y’all right there in the big middle of it. any video of drew in the suit?!

  2. Can I just say this is one of the first “personal” blogs I’ve ever enjoyed reading! I don’t know what specifically is so appealing, so don’t change anything. If you guys move there, you’ll have to keep this up!

  3. Ha, Double Down, I (Drew) was not in said suit, that was Jen. I have yet to add the “posted by …” bit to the title, but I will do that soon so everyone can keep us straight.

    And thanks Taylor. We will do what we can. 🙂

  4. That is one serious pasties website. I think it may literally qualify as the sequel to The Goonies.