The Visit, Day Two

Yesterday was short and busy. Started the day off by sleeping till 11am local time after going to sleep around midnight – 11 hours of sleep, yeah, we suffered from jet-lag.

After we finally got up and around we got ready, did a little catching up online and Jen prepped for a phone call with her local office while I started working out a new budget. After we finished all that up around 2:00 it was time to head toward the TM office to meet with Scott and Vito. Jen and I each grabbed a slice of pizza and ate in the park at Leicester Square before I headed into my meeting.

My meeting went really well – learned a lot. I wanted to find out what the plans were for the echo office here, both in the short and long term, and especially how I was going to fit into that plan. We also spent a lot of time chatting about where Jen and I might want to look for a place in town. We might end up needing to be on the more expensive side of town if Jen does end up in ICON’s Marlow office just to minimize her commute time.

After chatting with Scott and Vito for a couple hours, Scott and I met Jen downstairs at the little desert shop where she had been waiting. The three of us then jumped on the tube and headed toward The O2 to meet Scott’s wife for dinner and a show. We had some REALLY great at Thai Silk before heading into see Roger Waters. I have included a video snippet to tease you – though I caught a LOT more on my Flip Video.

After leaving the show we headed home via tube to the Waterloo station and then Taxi from there. Didn’t stay up too much later after getting back to the flat, but it was a really nice night.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Yeah, I like it – super handy little video camera you can fit in a pocket. Plus the software you need to download the videos comes on the camera. Its brilliant.