Yes Please

A few blocks North of the Camden Passage tourist’s check-box hot spot eatery, Angel has hidden a fab new pub in plain sight.
wenlock and essex pub

The Wenlock and Essex serves a selection of Camden Town’s finest brews, but they don’t stop there. One of your top five favorite frosty beverages is sure to be on offer.
drinks at wenlock and essex

And we would be remiss not to mention the Sunday Roast menu…
winter veg pie

Are you busy next weekend?

We have an idea…

Oh. My. Marksman.

You may or may not remember how much we love The Marksman. We’ve only mentioned it several times.

We have an excuse for bringing it back up – the menu has grown, a new chef is in residence, and we can. Because it’s our website.

This Sunday we were accompanied by two lovely ladies, Emily and Lauren. Lauren assured me that the Bloody Mary is the best she has ever had. And the presentation delivered on its promise.
blody mary

David recommended the roast to our meat eating friends. It mysteriously disappeared from their plates as the conversation wandered in circles. Let’s be honest, ladies don’t clean their plates. (Or do they?!)

Drew and I enjoyed omelets from the brunch menu. I had no idea what David was talking about last time when he said that breakfast and beer were good company for one another, but I think I understand now. When breakfast is eaten in the afternoon, it does make sense – whether or not there was a bender the night before.

David also recommended the Chocolate Fondant. (It’s what some of you Americans might call a molten cake with a side of cream whipped so long it’s the consistency of butter.) Order it. Trust me. I could not get a photo before the spoons starting flying!

choc fondant

Both of the owners stopped by to say hello – and we heard the good news that their daughter will soon be a big sister! I am not sure I could love them more. And I barely know them… It’s just so nice to feel at home.

DrewandJengotoLondon. Simples.

The Marksman

The Marksman, a lovely pub in Shoreditch, is a gem of a find.  Our aim in wandering that way was to give Jane and Quinn a local east side Sunday experience, complete with the wonder that is Columbia Road Flower Market and a proper Sunday roast.  We squeezed through the flower market with grumbling bellies and an eye on the threatening sky.  (Thankfully, we did not need a reservation, though next time I may make one, now knowing how popular this spot is.)  You might not have guessed that a Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Tammy Wynette song would be playing as we sat down or that Willy Nelson would serenade us through our pre-dinner convo…  David (as our fantastic server is known by day) quickly assured us that he did not know that we Nashville natives were coming  – the locals just request a little country music now and again.

David lined up a round for us and was kind enough to give us his recommendations. He also coined my new favorite phrase, “When in London, do as your friends from Tennessee do in London”.
marksman drinks

Jane and Quinn chose the traditional Sunday Roast option. After all, that was the point.

sunday roast

(Jane and Quinn enjoyed the roast.)

sunday roast leftover

Drew had a delicious pastry filled with oyster mushrooms and cream cheese.

marksman veg plate

(I can’t recall why I didn’t get a photo of my hummus salad, green beans, and fat chips!?)

So, the verdict on The Marksman? Book a table this Sunday. Take or meet friends. The food is tasty and a very good value. If you are lucky enough to meet David, engage him in conversation. He is a riot!

Marksman Pub
254, Hackney Rd
London, E2 7SJ
020 7739 7393