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  • Strop

    Tantrum. [i.e. “I stood a little bit taller because I was expecting a strop.”]

  • The Neighbor Got Me High

    On any given night of the week, hilarity might ensue. That’s just how we roll at The Huddleston B&B. This evening’s episode is no exception; come on in.

  • B Lush. MMmmmm, Yes, Please Do.

    What a strange few days I have had! The things which have given me such a fit before have started to become more comical and I think I feel a bit braver. Something has come over me that feels similar to armor, but with a sense of humor booster built in. They must have flagged…

  • Of Bridges Burned

    While Drew was busy today, I joined Emily and Kerry for a walking tour of the area near St. Paul’s Cathedral, on the south side of the City of London.  Apparently Emily has become friends with some credentialed London tour guides, Keith and Gordon, whom I had the pleasure of meeting.  It is amazing the…

  • We Came, We Saw, We Chugged Hot Apple Cider

    So how about this new look, eh?! Props to a gorgeous webmaster and designer extraordinaire… More changes and updates to come, we hope you enjoy! If you don’t have something to drink and more than just a few free minutes on hand, go make yourself some refreshments and come back with a comfy chair. The…