Local Language

  • gypsy’s warning

    A quiet word to an employee or aquaintance, suggesting that they’d best proceed with caution in respect of their current conduct or attitude, or they may be in for an unpleasant surprise. The details of which aren’t actually set out by the giver of the warning, who may or may not have control over their…


  • Mad Mission

    Thanks belong to Patti Griffin for bringing these words to the surface; if you’ve got any of Ms Griffin’s poetry in your music arsenal, please let her provide the soundtrack while you enjoy your tea with today’s post.

  • Golden Butter Jam

    Elvis Cakes. Vegan Elvis Cakes.

  • London Sky

    They say it rains in London; it does. In fact, I have used an umbrella at least ten times in my two and half years.

  • The Water is Wide

    ‘The water is wide/I cannot cross o’er/nor have I wings to fly/Build me a boat/that can carry two/and both shall row/my love and I.’ (The Water is Wide; Scottish folk song)

  • Monty on Monday

    What is better to receive on Monday than photos of handsome men?!

  • The Perfect Pancake

    We were in search of the perfect pancakes so we decided to inspect The Diner in Angel, Islington. I like the atmosphere. It’s busy, but not crowded. The staff are friendly but cool… The filter coffee is just what my doctor ordered. If you come early, and stay long enough, you can start with breakfast,…

  • Presents!

    Drew brought me presents from Helsinki, Finland! Yes, it does seem a little childish to be excited about coloring books, but I can’t think of a better thing to do than color after a Sunday lunch at the pub. (I was never one to be wild.) And don’t they go nicely with these lovelies from…

  • Nice to Meet You, Harrogate!

    Sometimes work takes you to a very lovely place!

  • My Own Bed

    MMMmm.. Bed. What a nice thought.

  • Titbits and Rambling

    I am on another secret mission with my super secret Scientist job… Google Earth me now!

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