It Looks Like Baby in Here

I read a lot of books and listened to lots of mums; from all of that I put together a minimalist’s list of items required for baby’s first month. We have been lucky to be loaned and/or given a great many things, so we really didn’t have much left to purchase.

The big baby order came this week.
boots baby order

We’ve opened Peanut’s birthday presents in anticipation of the day.
baby order
There is still a lot of washing and sterilising to do! (This has been recommended by some as a distraction from early contractions. I am glad I will have something to do to fill my few days off, hahaha!)

We even made a trip out to get a nappy change bag that Daddy won’t be too fussed to carry.
nappy change bag

I would hate for him to have to turn in his man card. That could really hurt his reputation with the kid. Well, that and the ‘coat’ we bought…
bear suit

It had to be done.

3 responses to “It Looks Like Baby in Here”

  1. Peanut is absolutely behaving. As far as I can tell my body seems to be behaving too. Sometimes I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop because it has been so smooth.