Paula Please!

For two adventurers, relatively new to this island, love and support has come out of the woodwork. Some amazing people are in our lives on both sides of the ocean. My sweet friend Paula took the time and care to create for us these precious little wonders…

checked paula sweater

If I wasn’t pregnant, my ovaries would be aching at the site of them.
paula yellow sweater

I really do look forward to seeing how they look on our winter baby! Thanks Paula.

3 responses to “Paula Please!”

  1. Everyone seems to be under the impression that you’re having a girl! It’s still unknown, right? Or did he/she flash you at the last u/s? (My kids were flashers. No sense of modesty whatsoever. It continued post-natally. Now they’re both little nudists.)

  2. Oh, I just meant that all your stuff looks pink! (Maybe it’s the lighting?) On my ultrasounds (with both kids) they both were loud and proud, so we couldn’t have missed the sex of the children if we wanted to! That was all. We had a loss the first pregnancy, so we were terrified during the second one, but not so much during the third one. She’s here now, by the way! I’ve got new pics up, if you’d like to see! Good luck! I can’t wait to see Peanut!