Happy 35 Weeks!

Happy 35 Weeks! Trust me, I am more in shock than you. There are 3-7 weeks to go. I am not sure what to hope for so I just hope that Peanut makes the decision to arrive before 7 weeks have gone by.

35 weeks elsa konig
Photo courtesy Elsa Konig

I am thankful to learn that this marks the peak of my weight gain because I can’t imagine negotiating more weight… Peanut is estimated to be 5.3 pounds and 18 inches long from head to feet. Unfortunately, this sweet baby has run out of room to do much–meaning that I feel lots of movement but it consists less of jumping jacks (a.k.a. ‘star jumps’) and more of rolling or repositioning. With pretty sophisticated hearing, I feel for the poor child. Mama has gas.

I am breathless with incredible indigestion. Apparently, my uterus has grown to 1,000 times its original volume and sits under my ribs. Dude. Peanut has full length nails on fingers and toes and the kidneys are developed; the liver has developed some ability to process waste products.

We finished our NCT class on Saturday. Great class, lovely people, and hopefully some future support in the area of ‘what-color-is-your-baby’s-poop-today’?

Thanks again for your love and support. It sustains us when the tide is low.


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