Happy 33 Weeks!

Excuse me a moment while I catch my breath–I cannot believe that I just typed ’33 weeks’… This little Peanut has about 7 weeks left on the inside. Have mercy on my heart and my tear ducts… I am so happy to share Peanut with Drew in a whole new way, but I’m going to miss this, too.

Whew… Moving on.

The stats:
4.4 pounds
17.5 inches

33 weeks peanut
Photo by Elsa Konig

Swelling of the ankles and feet is normal, especially at the end of the day.
The baby’s movement feels very different because the size of the baby has changed.
I am so tired.

I am nesting like the baby arrives next week. The activity is comforting somehow and organisation gives me a sense of control in a situation where I really am not. This baby is a human being with his or her own level of comfort and desires for entering the world and I can only do so much to assert my wishes! In general, I am just excited and making room for the baby helps me to focus on the time when the baby will be on the other side of my skin. I put the first group of individual dinner servings in the freezer this weekend–I am excited to make the next big dinner.

The baby is likely get into a head down position at any time now and just move around in variations of that position. However, all babies are different and some wait until later–even as late as the start of labor. I suspect that Peanut is head down, but I can’t be sure. I will definitely ask the midwife to help me figure it out at the next appointment. I keep wishing that we had a proper studio type set up for getting video of this little alien making mountains on my belly. We take video, but then can’t see anything when we play it back!

We enjoyed our first NCT class this Saturday and our last NHS class tonight. The NCT group seems more likely to result in a nice group of friends, the mums being able to call each other and meet up during maternity leave. I must also point out that the NCT teacher doesn’t look at me like I am crazy when I have a question like some NHS midwives sometimes do. I feel quite comfortable with the medical terms and the straight facts, I just need to know the practical bits that are literally foreign to me–I can’t tell you how many different answers I have gotten when I asked how to get the baby home, haha!

We are crazy excited about Peanut. Stay tuned.

The Huddleston Three


4 responses to “Happy 33 Weeks!”

  1. I started out as a labor nurse, and in my opinion, if I never meet up with another midwife, it will be too soon! But they may be better on the other side of the pond. I don’t know much, (I’m still kind of new at this mothering business myself!)but if I can help, I will! You’ll be great!

  2. I have definitely had to adjust my frame of mind when it comes to medical care and it has been very good for me. Midwives are standard care in the UK; doctors only get involved in the case of problems. Most women go through their whole pregnancy and birth seeing only midwives and one pediatrician to discharge the baby after birth. I don’t know how the training/certification is different for midwives here vs in the US, but I know that I am very happy to have the option to have the least medical intervention necessary. There are doctors available if I want them or the midwife detects any problem, but if everything goes smoothly I won’t call for them.

  3. Wow. I didn’t know that. Yeah, you can get a certificate to be a lay midwife online here in the US. My sister has a friend that’s um…not so bright, shall we say, and is trying to get hers. We’re pretty convinced she’s gonna do something bad with her basket of herbs, but we’re not sure what! I’m sure yours are at least nurse midwives! I was trained on a different care model, and just butted heads with them here.