Happy 32 Weeks!

Happy 32 weeks Peanut fans!

Peanut is estimated to weigh approximately 3.8 pounds and be 16.5 inches long. There is likely to be hair on the head, inhaling/swallowing/excreting are normal now, and the baby is gaining weight exponentially. This means I feel very full. I still feel incredible movements. It is pretty clear that Peanut wakes me up several times a night. This weekend we suspect that Peanut even woke Daddy. Daddy says the benefits of snuggling are worth the risk of getting woken up. Yeah, ‘course it is : )

jen at 32 weeks
Big Mama waddles.

We had our third NHS course tonight at which we learned about methods for improving progression, induction, vaginal birth aids, c-section, and warning signs being watched for during labor.

Refurbishment works are ongoing in the flat at the moment and I am definitely nesting. It may sound too early to be ready for baby and house guests, but the truth is that I am very tired and it takes me longer to do anything. Starting early is the only way to meet my deadlines : ) We are getting refinished kitchen countertops, little shelves in the bedrooms for storage, new seals for the oven and washing machine, a new filter for the stove top extractor fan and working curtain rod in the living room for the privacy of guests who might be sleeping in here. Thank goodness the landlord agreed to the request!

NCT courses start Saturday. It’s time to start making double size meals and freezing portions for post Peanut dinners. We have everything we absolutely need to bring Peanut home if Peanut comes early, but we will be gathering the last bits between now and the end of October.

We love this little Peanut like crazy. It still so incredible to us even as we watch each day unfold.

We love you too and we appreciate your support. Thanks so much for your responses, for your facebook comments, and for reading and commenting on the blog posts. Thank you Tennesseans for taking care of Drew and sending him back to me in one piece. We can’t say enough how much we appreciate the way you offered your help. And thanks to everyone who keeps us in their prayers, regardless of your locale!

The Huddleston Three


3 responses to “Happy 32 Weeks!”

  1. You are adorable, Jennifer! I can’t wait to meet Peanut 🙂 The last bit is the hardest physically, but so exciting and worth every ache (as you already know). Love you!

  2. Please let me know when you plan to come to town next time! I’d love to get together, if possible and see the Peanut, plus, he/she could meet his/her first pen-pals!