I have composed a poem just for you, which was inspired by Dr Seuss, a wee little midwife acupuncturist, the NHS, a history of migraines, and the recent onset of swelling. Ahem.

I am not afraid of needles

…near my eyes or in my thighs—
In my temples
To the skies…

I am not afraid of needles

…in my left foot or my right,
In my forehead and my neck,
Needles are alright.

But you want to do what with those seeds?!
seeds acupuncture

Oh, ok. I guess there is room in my ear for those tiny things.

2 responses to “Seeds”

  1. I had my first acupuncture appointment. The needles weren’t bad because I expected them–but I was really confused (laying there stuck full of needles and my eyes closed) when the midwife said, “I put seed in your ear. Don’t worry, they don’t grow trees.”