Jane’s Balls

There doesn’t need to be a reason, but Drew’s awesomeness is as good a reason as any I can think of to make Jane’s Balls.
janes balls

I don’t know what kind of crack she puts in hers that makes them so much better than mine, but they are and always will be. This run has been fairly successful, though. With constant practice, one day she might hire me to work as one of her pastry chefs…


4 thoughts on “Jane’s Balls”

  1. I love that you love my balls – and I’m certain that your balls are just as awesome as mine. Although Quinn does take a little offense to you loving my balls and displaying them in such a public forum… Be on the lookout for a package soon (meaning I mailed it a week ago, but transatlantic mail seems to take FOREVER!) Love, hugs and kisses to you both! GO PACKERS!

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