The Only Thing Constant is Change

It’s natural at the turn of a new year to contemplate change. Hordes of people are 10 days into fulfilling a New Year’s Resolution. In these early hours of 2011 I can only hope to adapt to the waves of change that have found me – found us. Somehow I have been blindsided. All I can do is open my eyes, gather my wits, and walk into the fire.

I sound like and angsty teenager, but that’s how I feel too. At least it’s consistent.

I’d like to know what your New Year’s Resolution is. I am going to give myself more love and more credit.

6 thoughts on “The Only Thing Constant is Change”

  1. Ok, I can’t stand it any more! What happened between you and the truck? What was so bad that you had to show up in the ER with shaved legs? Brought to you by a really nosy, yet concerned American.

  2. Sending you love, love and more love.

    I didn’t make any resolutions this year, but I am working very hard on staying in the moment and not worrying so much about the future.

  3. I know you like the hugs, so I am sending you more big, warm, significant embraces. Your hardships develop your strength.
    You guys are in my thoughts!

  4. I know I’ve told you many times that I love you over the past week or so, but I feel like I can’t tell you enough.

  5. I want to keep the first thing first!! Actually live the priorities as I “say” they fall on the list!! Take better care of my body!

    Love you……..

  6. My only resolution this year was to care more about me! I am seeing a personal trainer twice a week, and want to send my twenties out in style! I plan on traveling a ton this year! You, my friend, are on my list! Get well soon! XoXo <–big hugs!

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