Missing: One Pumpkin

The days are growing shorter all the time, there are rumors of snow (did I just type that out loud?), and I think the hay-fever has cleared. This can only mean that winter is really here to stay its course this time. And here I am again making the grocery list that has too much butter… Finding the strength to celebrate, despite my mother’s leaving, has not come to me all at once. It has come in waves of responsibility and true thankfulness.

2010 has not been without challenge, but I think it has firmly sunk in how truly rich I am. What I have is miles more than I deserve; it would be nice to know that everyone wakes up to the smile of their best friend (I hope your best friend doesn’t tickle you before you are very awake). I’d like to know that everyone has the means to have big-family-gathering, Thanksgiving-style feasts. It would be great to have Dr Who style transport to all the places I’d like to be, but I’ve got a stable job — these days they both seem equally hard to come by. I have beautiful friends –- here, there, soon-to-be-elsewhere… Just sharing with each one a walk on the same stretch of road in the journey of life is an incredible gift I get to keep opening every day.

That family of mine… Dang, Gina. We cause each other a lot of worry; Drew and I both get that sensitivity honestly. But I do not have a doubt that I am always loved, completely unconditionally. If there is any one of us that doesn’t know that yet, he or she just isn’t ready to hear it, but it is always true.

There is nothing else I need. I’d like some of the green bean casserole that my dad is making, but I will have to wait for Christmas. But there is nothing else I need.

May you have everything you need, too…


3 thoughts on “Missing: One Pumpkin”

  1. Hope that you enjoy the day……even in it’s not so traditional way. We have a turkey in the oven and the house is quiet at this point.

    In the stillness, I reflect……pies, pies, pies………… potatoes,,, gravy……
    Chairs…folding tables….paper or real??

    I miss the stress. And the mess. New traditions? Weird. It’s going to be about 70 degrees……snow tomorrow?????
    The weather is as screwed up as my head!

    Miss you terribly. Looking forward to seeing you again. You, too…..Drew & Jen.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Jenn! As one of those who are “there”, sending you big hugs and a can of cream of mushroom soup for the Green Bean casserole! The French’s onions are $6 a can here in HI! (Almost LDN prices).

    Big hugs and wishes that those English would start to celebrate this great holiday with us…

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