Going the Distance

Maybe we weren’t adventurous enough to climb the lions at Trafalgar Square, but the moment I finished telling Donna that human contact of any kind is highly discouraged on the bus, we chatted about the validity of art with some hipsters from the East side – one fine artist, one fashion designer. I think that was more interesting really.

Now. Where were we? Ah, yes. Donna in London…

Saturday mornings=Borough Market + Cinnamon Tree Bakery
Cinnamon Tree Bakery brownie purchase

Apparently, taste testing was encouraged for anyone in a leopard print scarf. Lucky us.
sangria tasting

We found the sauce, the spice, and the delight.
sauces borough market

spice mountain borough market

turkish delight borough market

And we found the silly. Thank goodness for the silly.
silly face donna

A stop at Cafe Nero chased away the grey fog on the south bank of the Thames. Ok no. It didn’t.
donna jen river thames

But we carried on to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – because Saturday afternoon = wandering + beverage.
shakespeares globe

A wander through Tate Modern sparked some interesting conversation (see introduction re: hipsters + bus above).
tate modern london

We toured St Paul’s Cathedral.
st pauls donna drew

We chased that tour with a visit to the Museum of London and a visit to Liverpool Street. Then we crawled home. For some unknown reason, we dragged ourselves out to Leicester Square to see Drew Barrymore in Going the Distance. Oh wait, I remember: Drew Barrymore (that Justin Long has won my heart, too). I can only speak for myself when I say that I may have peed in the seat.

The End.

Well, what more do you want from Saturday?!


2 thoughts on “Going the Distance”

  1. Hooray for Cafe Nero’s BA hot chocolate!
    Mom & I saw Going The Distance, too. So a big heck yes for that.
    I will be back in the Upper Cumberland tomorrow afternoon. We just arrived in Smyrna. If you are still around, please hit us up! I’m so sorry if we missed you! I will try calling tomorrow (read: today).
    One final note: Pip pip, cheerio, Harry Potter.

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