Sprinkles Make My Skirt Fly Up

Where to begin…

How about a poem? Yes, I thought you would like that. [Ahem]
Alarm clock. Tears. A plea for five more minutes of snuggling. Feet on floor, shivers, shuffle. Tea. Ahhh…

There are two things I like to enjoy in my morning “me” time; it’s a real joy to get a cracking good laugh and a dose of centering. Two ladies consistently deliver on these things.

The Pioneer Woman really makes me want to be myself. She might be telling me all about herself and what she’s doing, but I feel quite inspired to wiggle around in my shoes when I read her blog. I think she’d want it that way.

But, Jen… Jen makes me fall out of my chair with laughter some days with her Cake Wrecks blog. Most days I am in dire need of a giggle fit; most days it’s that funny.   I do search for badly done cakes to submit, but it’s harder to do in London than it was in the states.  (There’s very different attitude about desserts in this strange city.)

I know you are ready for me to get to the point.  Sorry.  “I’m on the internet!!”

[You may not get that little inside joke, but it was worth it for the few of you that might.]

Well, Drew and I have a bakery in our neighborhood that is pretty near legendary in these parts.  They are renowned for their pastries, cakes, and lovely lunches.  Unfortunately, I just didn’t think the cake in the window did any credit to the bakery at all.  So I snapped a photo and sent it on over to Jen.

Beas of Bloomsbury cake

I have officially made it!  My name (and photo) appeared on Cake Wrecks!  I know you are going to start asking for autographs soon, but please remember I’d rather have you come visit.

Seriously, everything’s better on the website.

2 thoughts on “Sprinkles Make My Skirt Fly Up”

  1. I can totally hear you saying “I’m on the internet!”

    Congrats on making it on to Cake Wrecks. Well done, my dear.

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