Cream Tea

I have so much to tell you! Unfortunately, lots of things are happening at once – meaning that I have had far less time to maintain this precious link to those who might be sitting on the edge of their seats for new flat photos. Ok, I flatter myself. Humor me. If you are still out there…

…which brings me to the next item for bid. For those of you keeping up blogs, or starting them, I thank you. It means a lot to “hear your voice”. Don’t leave me hanging too long. And I will try to return the favor. Starting now.

Last weekend Drew was in Barcelona on business. I am sure it was great and all that, but I went to Auntie Sarah’s. She’s a colleague of mine who reminds me a little of my own Auntie Jean and little of my sister – but she is actually “Auntie Sarah” to three gorgeous children who actually call her that. It’s so stinkin’ cool that I couldn’t resist trying it out myself. It stuck.

Sarah is married to (athletics coach, business man, and cocktail specialist) Jeremy. Jeremy WILL NOT be taking Drew to Las Vegas, despite their brief success at the Roulette table on the night of the company Christmas party.

Anywho, Sarah took me took to Windsor for cream tea!

We walked almost right up to the castle.
windsor castle

We waved.
statue at windsor

And took a right across from the entrance. Sarah did some research and found this beautiful restaurant which specialises in cream tea.
The Drury House

Drury House sign

clotted cream sign

Although the meaning of “cream tea” is still not solid in my brain, I think it means this:
cream tea lunch

It seems to be a paring of tea and scones – in which the scones are lathered with clotted cream and topped with jam (weirdos do it the other way ’round).

Cream tea in progress

If there ever was a reason to take in organic, farm fresh milk, from a cow whose name you know, this is it. Please come and have one. Auntie Sarah might just agree to join us.

Though the queen was unable to accept our invitation due a to a last minute engagement, we still had a spiffing good time. And then we cleaned up for a party…
auntie sarah and jen

Sarah and Jeremy know some very nice people. I was really glad to meet them, although I may have accidentally introduced them to an American word they would rather not have known, all in the last ten minutes I was there. I almost made it through the entire night without looking silly. Oops.

Just when you thought that was the end, there’s more. Sarah’s sweet parents left her in charge of the bits and bobs which didn’t make the cut during their last move. She thought I might be interested in having a poke around since I’ll be having a kitchen to stock very soon. I had no idea how many precious things might be boxed up in her garage.

Look at these sweet egg cups!
egg cups one

Aren’t they darling?!
egg cups two

Though they will probably be used as pinch bowls for coarse salt and such, you are certainly welcome to have a soft boiled egg in one when you stay with us. You’ll not guess what else I will be using soon… Stay tuned – I can’t wait to show you what else is coming to live in our pantry! That reminds me; I have Thank You cards to write. And when you see more photos, you might want to write one, too.

Oh yeah, Gina had a really good time as well. But that’s another story.

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2 thoughts on “Cream Tea”

  1. Love the new bowls! It is special that they had a former home, too. Not just “off the shelf” wares!
    Can’t wait to hear more and also to see “the adventures of Gina”.
    Love you, Donna

  2. Hey, I just found your blog! Looks like you’re enjoying England. I would if I were there! I’m blogging too and I LOVE your layout! Who’s your server?


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