Ladies’ Night

What is Ladies’ Night, really? Ima clear this mystery up for you.

It’s ladies+random conversation+anything they want to do. Maybe I had a glass of wine and maybe I didn’t. Maybe I had some of that organic hummus Jen will not quit raving about at The Duke of Cambridge. Maybe I had Apple Crumble for dinner with or without another glass of wine. Or maybe I had a coke and called it a glass of wine. You don’t know.

Ok, well, there IS overwhelming evidence that I had the Apple Crumble. But you don’t know that it was dinner.
Apple Crumble

That’s how Ladies’ Night works. I do what I want and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it; I don’t have to explain myself. We aren’t hurting anyone-we are just solving the troubles of the world over a bit of Apple Crumble and cider. They should hire us to be President of the World. Or not.

Ok, well, it was Ladies’ Night because Drew worked too late to join us. On a Friday night… He ain’t playin’ about this new gig. That’s alright. I might end up in Barcelona for a weekend because I fit in a suitcase. Yeah, I said it. Jen knows. My skirt might be short, but we got an understanding – he’s not my type. I go more for the poly/cotton blend.

The website post is somehow better than the facebook version. I can’t explain it.

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  1. Gina,

    Would love some of that apple crumble. Could you share how it’s made? Also, I thing Jen has found her second calling or at least something to fall back on as a bar maid.

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